Life Coach for Life Change
Education and Training

  • Graduate of CoachU--Life Coach Training Program
  • Founding member of Coachville
  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan
  • B.A. in Psychology with high distinction, Penn State University
    Honors program in Psychology
    Phi Beta Kappa
  • Graduate of The Family Institute of Philadelphia
  • Graduate of The School for Enlightenment and Healing
  • Forty five years in clinical practice

  • How I Got Here

    I love my work.

    I knew I wanted to help people change their lives for the better since the tender age of 15.

    I wanted to help people change the things that were causing them pain and anxiety and frustration. I wanted to help them feel good, even great, about their lives. To feel relaxed, comfortable and self-confident. To move from numb and depressed to aware, alive, and joyful.

    So I started an exploration of how to make that happen. I went to college, graduate school and did much post-graduate training. I read, studied, and applied what I had learned. With clients, sure. And with myself, as well.

    The more I learned, the more excited I became about the variety of ways there are to achieve meaningful positive transformation. I experienced
    first-hand, the great benefit of working with talented psychotherapists and life coaches. My mind, heart, and spirit opened. My approach to my work became increasingly dynamic and holistic.

    Happily, all the learning, exploring and growing continue to this day. As does the strong desire to be the most effective life coach possible for each and every one of my clients. That’s one thing I don’t ever see changing!

    Client's Experience in Partnering with Me

    "What first drew me to Susan was the sense of integrity I perceived in her materials.

    Unlike another coach I had contacted, Susan didn't self-promote as much as promote the idea of a process that would encourage my growth and offer new possibilities...

    When I started working with her, I found Susan to be open, respectful and absolutely passionate about the power of self-care to transform and inspire. There is no mediocrity in Susan's approach to coaching; it is infused with a sense of the highest purpose, and her commitment to this purpose has a power and energy that lift you and move you.

    She offers you assignments so that you explore your thoughts, feelings and perceptions, and discover (or rediscover) what is essential for your happiness. She prods you to examine your thinking and assumptions, and suggests new ideas to consider for sparking change. Most importantly, she helps you explore your fears, doubts and uncertainties in a non-judgmental manner and gently shares ways to understand them so they can be informative.

    I've worked with Susan for six months, and in that time have experienced profound changes mostly as the result of small acts of self-awareness and discovery that Susan presented. While I don't feel that my work with Susan is done, I'm already convinced that I'm abundantly healthier because of the time I've spent with her."
    -- --Sharon L, mid 40's, who initially enrolled in my Exquisite Self-Care course and later became a private life coaching client

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