Conscious Aging

Conscious aging is a bold and active choice to take charge of the way your life unfolds.

Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "Growing old ain't for sissies." It speaks to the fact that if you are fortunate enough to live a long life, it becomes increasingly likely that you will have to deal with some very real difficulties.

There can be losses of many stripes.  Your body may lose some or much of its functionality--hearing, vision, balance, mobility may become compromised.  Mental capacity can decline.  Life threatening illness may occur.  And eventually the specter of actual death--your own and/or your loved ones must be confronted.  It can sound pretty scary and grim.


So, do I need to talk you off the ledge?

"Return with Me Now to Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear"...

I can almost hear you mutter, "Gee, thanks a lot, Susan, for the depressing scenario!  Where's the good news?" 

Fair question.

Let's start with this.  And it's a real blast from the past.

It's simply the reminder that EVERY stage of life has some sort of pain involved.  When you reflect on your own life, I'll bet you can remember some really disconcerting times.

Whether it was:

  • not getting picked for the team, being bullied by a classmate, enduring abuse at home in childhood or
  • not having a date for the prom, feeling like the ugly duckling, having a Drill Sargent on steroids teacher who made your time in class a horror show in adolescence or
  • getting fired from your job, breaking up with the person who you thought was the love of your life, losing a dear friend to drug overdose or auto accident in your early adulthood  or...

...well, you get the picture.  Do you know anyone who has had such a charmed life that they experienced no major dislocations in it?

I don't.

Why would your later years be any different?

The Conscious Aging Workshop

So the question becomes one of how to develop the inner strength and resilience to cope with the knocks, challenges and losses that inevitably come with having a body.

The Conscious Aging Workshop, developed by IONS, was developed to do just that.  It is a thoroughly researched program, created by thought-leaders in the field. Personally and professionally, they are committed to changing the way we view and experience aging. 
For a more detailed look at the Conscious Aging Workshop itself, click here.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of creating your own vision of aging, with an open mind, compassionate heart and soaring spirit, I invite you to come to one of our workshops.

I welcome inquiries from groups and organizations that are interested in hosting this type of workshop.

There is a Turkish proverb that says, "No matter how far down the wrong path you have traveled--turn around". 

It's never too late to make meaningful, positive change and never too early to start.  

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