Life Coaching Services

The life coaching services I provide fall into two main categories: individual and group. Both types of coaching can be done either on the phone or in person.

I also give workshops, run seminars, and do public speaking.

My specialty is helping people transform the experience of their lives. One of my clients described the benefit of our coaching as "going from living in shades of gray to living in Technicolor.”

Individual Coaching Sessions

If you are interested in making significant positive change a reality in your life, then one-on-one sessions are a great choice. Why? Because the focus stays entirely on you… and creating the life you’d love to live.

I recommend weekly sessions to help keep you right on target.

Much like learning to play an instrument or a sport--your skills, understanding, and RESULTS are all greatly enhanced by the regular review, feedback, advice, support and encouragement you’ll receive during our weekly coaching.

I'll give you the tools you need to break past the things that have held you back. You’ll become more skillful, strategic and organized. And noticeably more EFFECTIVE.

And we’ll do it in a way that promotes balance, ease and harmony in all aspects of your life…so your career success does not come at the cost of your connection to your family, your financial success does not come at the expense of your health, and your relationship success does not squelch your personal or spiritual growth.

Coaching Options

Personal Coaching can be done on the phone or in person, according to your preference.

Life coaching services are paid for in advance, by the month. For most months, there are four coaching sessions. Of course, there are situations where less frequent sessions are necessary or desirable. Together, we can work out what would work best for you.

The coaching relationship is special and central to your progress. You will go faster, farther and have more fun when you partner with someone who “gets” you—someone you feel safe and connected with, who you like, trust and respect. So, please call me for a free coaching consultation, to make sure we feel like a good match before you decide whether to hire me.

Your investment in one-on-one coaching is:

  • One fifty minute session: $150
  • Four fifty minute sessions: $450

Financial Need Scholarships

Throughout my career—both as a psychotherapist and as a life coach—I have always set aside a part of my practice to work with individuals who could not otherwise afford to pay market rates for my services.

It is my pleasure to provide partial scholarships to people who need them. I reserve several slots a week to do so.

If you are committed to improving your life and have a genuine financial need, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I stand behind my work and I want you to feel truly comfortable with your choice to partner with me. So, I will give you the opportunity to experience life coaching for a month, at no financial risk to yourself.

I offer a first month money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the value you have received, I will refund your first month’s investment completely.

Client's Experience in Partnering with Me

"Susan Lebby Spector possesses the three most important characteristics in a coach; compassion, integrity, and above all honesty. I can say that working with Susan has changed my life in profound, positive ways."
---Donald R., early 50's

For information on other life coaching services, including group coaching, please call or email me.

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