Limiting Beliefs in Action

Here’s a story about the impact of limiting beliefs where I was one of the participants.

I was talking with a man who is helping me with some home remodeling. We had established a bit of a relationship and he expressed some misgivings about his job. I asked him what he would rather be doing and he said he’d love to be an actor. “Why don’t you go for it?” I asked. He said he couldn’t because he's too old.

He’s 23.

I’ll bet you are shaking your head and thinking some variation of, “Too old??? He’s got his whole life ahead of him! Of course he can make a change if he really wants to.”

My thoughts exactly.

So I told him that this did not surprise me because I’ve worked with people of all ages and a common limiting belief they come into coaching with is the thought that they’re too old to make a change. Some variation of:

  • “I wish I were doing ‘X’, but it’s too late for me now” or

  • “I needed to start when I was younger” or

  • “I don’t have the right skill set or education or

  • "I can’t make money doing that,” etc.

I told him I’d seen clients who had made major, successful, career shifts in their 50’s and 60’s that led to a far higher degree of satisfaction with their lives. I asked him to commit to take action THAT NIGHT -- to take one step toward his dream. His eyes lit up. He took the challenge.

How About YOU?

What would make your eyes light up? What action would you be willing to commit to TODAY to make one of your dreams come true?

I invite you to start thinking about what you would really love to have as the ongoing experience of your life. And notice those pesky limiting beliefs as they rear their ugly little heads. Write everything you come up with in a journal. Remember that no matter what your age or circumstance, every day offers the possibility of a fresh start and renewed hope.

So enjoy!

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