Relationship Advice

Why am I offering a section on relationship advice? Because so many of you have let me know that having a wonderful, supportive love relationship is a top priority for you.

Over the years, this topic has come up again and again as I work with clients -- including those struggling to resolve their relationship issues and those looking to find someone who they fit with beautifully.

During this time I learned all I could from those who have specialized in this field in order to offer the very best to my clients.

Over time it's become a specialty.

So what can you expect to find here?

  • If you are single and want to go from single to soulmate, you'll learn ways to attract the perfect partner for you. You'll get help to both find romance and keep it.
  • If you are in a committed relationship you'll discover ways to make your relationship become more intimate, loving and fun.

As a heads up--if you are currently unattached and looking to go from single to soulmate, all of it will apply; if you are coupled most of it will--especially if you are looking for ways to ramp up your approach to love and connection.


A Bumper Crop of Love

Spring, the season of new growth and possibilities, calls us to open our hearts and let love grow and blossom there.

If you would like to be cultivating a bumper crop of love in your heart, I have some tips to help you get started.

  • Start by asking yourself,
    • "Am I ready to make a heart and soul commitment to another human being?

    • "Is this the right time for me?"
    Tune into yourself on a deep level and see what wisdom emerges.

    If you are heavily focused on building your career, or caring for an aging parent, or dealing with a major health issue of your own, you may find that although you wish you were sharing your life with your soulmate, you simply do not have the time or energy to make that happen right now.

    So, if something else is a burning priority for you, the best relationship advice could be to take care of that first. And remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself while doing that.

  • If you answer "YES!" to the questions above, start by crafting a powerful intention. An intention is not merely a wish, hope or desire. It is taking a full-throated stand to bring what you most desire into reality. You start by naming what it is that you want to experience in your life in the area of love and relationship.

    Create a clear, strong, detailed vision that compels you. Setting an intention starts the process of getting your feelings, thoughts and behavior into alignment.

    In our gardening analogy, this is akin to deciding what kind of garden you want to have. Do you want a formal English garden or a relaxed, wildflower one? Do you want flowers or veggies or both? Will trees and shrubs be gracing your space? And so on...The point is to make it just right for you.

  • Create an affirmation that supports your intention. Write it as if you had already gotten what you described in your intention.

    For example, "I am joyfully living with the love of my life in a relationship filled with love, trust, honesty, mutual support, sizzling sex and massive amounts of fun."

    Write down your affirmation on a 3x5 card and repeat it, with feeling, several times each day.

    In gardening terms, affirmations act to optimize the soil for our plantings, so they flourish-- not wither.

    For more information on writing them, check out these

    Guidelines for Creating Effective Affirmations.

  • Don't just SAY having a wonderful, loving relationship is really important, ACT like it! Perhaps the best relationship advice I can offer is to make sure you give it the time and attention it deserves.

    If you wanted to have a healthy, lush vegetable garden, you wouldn't expect to simply think about it ...then wake up the next day to a back yard that Burpee Seeds would beg to use in their advertising, right?

  • I hope these tips get you off to a great start. There will be more relationship advice to come. I'd love to hear about your success in implementing them.

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