Are You Sabotaging Your Success With Self Limiting Beliefs?

Self limiting beliefs... I'm too old to... I'm too fat to... I have never been able to... Good things never happen in my life... People don't like me... I don't fit in... I'm not smart enough to...

If you find these kinds of thoughts roaming around in your head with regularity, you can be sure that this is a large part of what holds you back...and causes you pain. Most of us grow up with at least a few of these beliefs and don't realize how strongly they affect us.

If you start to notice the habitual thoughts that go through your mind every day, you will be able to see that there is probably at least one negative belief that you play, over and over, like a broken record. Once you become aware of these thoughts, you can begin to eliminate limiting beliefs and start making positive changes in your life. This video gives you a process to begin to do just that.

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Can You See Yourself In This Story?

Ever notice how much easier it is to recognize the absurdity of negative self talk when it comes out of someone else's mouth? I was a participant in this story of limiting belief in action, which I felt was tender, funny and inspiring. How fortunate we all are to be mirrors for one another!

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