Single to Soulmate

Getting from single to soulmate might seem like a pipe dream to you. Something deeply desired, but seemingly unattainable.

One of the things that is likely standing in your way is your self-talk about how hard it is to find and sustain love. (Can't you just see those self limiting beliefs rearing their ugly little heads...again?)

So, I thought it would be great to do some self limiting belief busting, to support you in removing the obstacles in the way of your going from single to soulmate.

Single to Soulmate Limiting Belief #1:
I'm Too Old to Find Love

Have you ever told yourself that you were simply too old to find love?

If you have, you're certainly not alone.

I have heard that, or some variation of it, more times than I can count.

I am delighted to report that I have also seen and worked with numerous people who have shown that love is ageless, and that the possibility of forming a wonderful, romantic relationship is available to you as long as you are still drawing breath. (Okay, that's a bit over the top...I recognize that this would not be true if a person were in an irreversible coma, or stranded alone on a desert island...but since you are reading this, no such extreme situation applies to YOU.:-))

So, here is one sweet, very personal example for you.

A couple of years after my Dad died, my Mom, with much trepidation, went to live in a retirement community. While her health was deteriorating, she remained quite sharp mentally.

She assessed her social situation with a sense of resignation.

  • She didn't know anyone.
  • Her body was a train wreck.
  • The women outnumbered the men by about a million to one...conservative estimate.
Clearly, she thought, she would live out her days in dignified widowhood. In her mind, the opportunity for contented coupledom had passed her by.

Perhaps Mom's biggest affliction was that she had two daughters who tenaciously clung to the belief that where there is life, there is hope! We would be known, on rare occasion (daily), to suggest (plead, beg) that she leave her apartment and start mixing it up with the other residents.

And the strangest thing happened. She listened to us! (We're STILL recovering from the shock.)

Tougher Than We Look:
Me, My Mother, My Sister 2000

She joined people for dinner. She made some nice "lady friends". She got chummy with the staff.

And eventually she met Oscar.

I believe Mom was 82 at the time, not exactly what most of us would call a spring chicken, right? And Oscar, well he was an amazing 89 years young.

Our family thought of him as the bionic man. Here was an 89 year old who walked without a cane or walker, who did not use a hearing aide, had his original teeth, only needed glasses for reading and believe it or not, was still going to work every day in his own family business (because he wanted to be there, not because he needed the money) and taking 2 buses to get there!

He was full of life, sharp as a tack, and loved to make people laugh. We're talking a real catch here!

And he took a fancy to my mother. And she to him.

Enjoying a Lovely Dinner...
and Each Other

They circled one another cautiously and patiently. It was truly a joy for me to watch the relationship blossom. Seeing my mother morph from an older woman in a state of decline into a love-struck teenage girl was a wholly unexpected, and achingly sweet, tender and uplifting experience.

The focus of our discussions changed from a litany of ways her body was failing to a chapter and verse retelling of their every interaction.

She was getting younger in front of my eyes!

Mugging and Snuggling

The photos below show the happy couple in 2003, when Mom was 85 and Oscar, 92.

I was surprised and privileged to capture their very first kiss. In the background you can see my niece, going "Ahhh!" I still feel that sweet "Ahhh", every time I see that picture.

The First Kiss

Such is the Power of Love

Mom and Oscar continued to provide companionship, support and love to one another over the next 5 years. Even as both of them became more incapacitated and frail, their relationship was a source of comfort and connection.

Oscar held hands with Mom in her last days and at age 98 shared in her funeral service.

Their unexpected relationship was a true blessing to both of them. And an inspiration to me and my family.

So, if you have been thinking that you are too old to find love, that it's simply too late for you to go from single to soulmate--please take a look at these pictures of Mom and Oscar and reconsider.

They would be pleased and honored to know they made a difference.

You are never too old for love

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